Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blogged out?

I have had every intention of blogging for the past week, but haven't been feeling up to dealing with my STUPID internet! See, the thing is that it can't stay connected for long enough to upload any pictures anymore! I've talked to Comcast (don't get internet through them) several times and have had them out twice in the last two months. I don't know anything about it, but if I did, they would certainly hear a few words from me! Right now, this is what a typical conversation will be like:

Me: My internet doesn't stay connected while I'm uploading anything.
Them: Have you tried restarting everything?
Me: Yeah.
Them: Have you tried unplugging everything, waiting five minutes and then rebooting everything?
Me: Yeah... (but thinking, 'Why the crap does the five minutes matter? If you cut off power for 30 seconds, isn't that the same??')
Them: We can send a tech-guy out to check it out if you'd like.
Me: Are you going to charge me for it?
Them: No. Unless the problem is something on your side of it.
Me: What does that mean?
Them: If you've striped any wires or threading... or if you've damaged any of the connection boxes then you'd have to pay to have them repaired...
Me: Do people damage their own property often? This crap was expensive!
Them: .... No... Not often.
Me: Then, why do you even say that?
Them: I don't know...
Me: Yeah, then, send them out.
Them: How is Monday between 8am and 9pm? (just kidding, that's a dramatization... but is the real thing any less obnoxious??)
Me: Yeah... well, I think I'll be home all day?! I'll make it happen.
Them: Okay, you're tech-guy's name is 'blah-blah' (like I care what they WT guy's name is!) and he'll call you when he's about there.
Me: Thanks??
Them: Is there anything else I can help you out with today?
Me: No? (but thinking, 'Did you help me yet?')
Them: Okay, have a great day!
Me: Thanks?? Bye!

Was that too long? It would've been better if it were a video, huh?!

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Reid Family said...

uuggg! that is so annoying! I was on the phone for and hour and a half once w/ comcast only for them to tell me I had to call someone else! Good luck!