Monday, May 26, 2008

Surgery Update!

So, here's the skinny! On Wednesday last week I went in for foot surgery and had a terribly painful experience. Because I'm doing it through a study center (that researches the effects of a study drug on pain relief after the surgery), I went into it not knowing how it would turn out. Man, did that scare me!! I had a one in two chance of getting a placebo... one in two! That's a 50% chance of NO PAIN RELIEF!! Tell me that wouldn't scare you... Anyway, well, I got the placebo and, as a result, failed the study. I asked for too much pain medication after the surgery and the nurses told me that I gave them some 'great data.' Whatever. So, I've been doing great since then, though. No worries! I haven't had any pain reliever since 9:30am yesterday. I can sort of move around (with the help of some crutches), but I am starting to be able to put weight on my foot with no pain. Tomorrow I go to get my foot redressed and exrays, so I'll let you know more later! Hooray for normal toes!!! :) :) :)

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Anonymous said...

AAHH!! Get some Advil QUICK!!