Monday, May 12, 2008

Food, Glorious Food!

Lately, I've been getting sick of eating the same four meals and left-overs weekly. You know, the standard meat and potatoes, pasta and sauce, baked casserole, pizza, left-overs - REPEAT! I'm soooo DONE with that! So, for lunch... yes, I said lunch... today we had philly cheese steak sandwiches that we MADE at home. They weren't identical to those from the resturant, but they sure spiced up my day! It's bound to be good now! :)
On the menu for dinner... kabobs! Lime shrimp, teriaki chicken and marinated beef all served with a variety of grilled veggies... yer jealous now, huh!?

1 comment:

silveralley said...

pretty jealous, yes.